Pulse Drumming School of Drums & Percussion

Welcome to Pulse Drumming…

Quality music education for all ages and abilities with a public retail store. Pulse Drumming offers private & group music lessons, the sale of drum and percussion instruments, accessories, custom drum sets consultations, repair services and community outreach programs! Drop in and check out our unique facility – Ask your burning questions… If we don’t know the answers, we know someone who does!

COVID-19 Precautions while playing drums and percussion instruments!

We hope that you are finding time to play your percussion instruments during “shelter-in-place” orders.  Here’s a few tips to keep you safe while playing!

1)  Wash your hands before and after playing.
2)  Natural Skin Percussion:  Play with a head cover.  Be creative – (ie: plastic shower caps…)
3)  Drum sticks, plastic drum heads, rims & small percussion should be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes before and after use.
4)  Cover your sneeze / cough into your elbow or a tissue (and dispose of it immediately) Avoid touching your face.
We are offering VIRTUAL LESSONS!  No time like the present to learn a new instrument or brush up on your technique!